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Chairperson: Head of the Institution

Prof Renu Jain, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DAVV

Teachers to represent all (Three to eight)

Dr. Sudheera Chandel, Professor, School of Physical Education

Dr. Abhay Kumar, Professor & Head, School of Electronics

Dr. B K Tripathi, Director, IIPS

Dr. Sangita Jain, Director, IMS

Dr. Chandan Gupta, Director, EMRC

Dr. Kanhaiya Ahuja, Professor, School of Economics

Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Professor & Head, School of Pharmacy

One member from the Management

Prof. Ashok Sharma, Hon’ble Rector, DAVV

Few Senior administrative officers

Mr. Prajjwal Khare, Dy Registrar, DAVV

Mr. Dilip Verma, Finance Controller, DAVV

One nominee each from local society, Students and Alumni

Mr. Pritesh Mahajan, Businessman and Alumni, Indore

One nominee each from Employers /Industrialists/Stakeholders

Dr. K Rama, Ex-Adviser, NAAC

Dr. Akhilesh Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, PRS University, Prayagraj, UP

One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

Dr. Pratosh Bansal, Director, IQAC

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